Welcome to Suwanee Fest!

Each year, approximately 55,000 people come to Suwanee’s “celebration of community” in Town Center Park to enjoy arts and crafts exhibits, a variety of delicious foods, eclectic on-stage entertainment, and children’s rides and activities.

This year’s Suwanee Fest will be celebrated September 19 and 20. Whether you’re an artist, exhibitor, entertainer, community member, or just looking to have a lot of fun, we hope you’ll join us for Suwanee Fest 2015!

“There’s so much energy today. It’s just been a blast for everyone.” – Mimi Zhang, Suwanee

“I love the creativity and all the diversity that’s here. You can find pretty much anything here.” – Jackie Brown, Lawrenceville

“Suwanee is a great festival because...you’re going to get the really heavy traffic. I just love the atmosphere of Suwanee Fest. It brings a really nice crowd.” – Julie Wettlaufer, Designs by Jewels, Buford

“It’s a lot of fun and definitely worth getting in a little traffic on 85 to get here. And there really was something for all of us.” – Braatz Family, Tucker

“Suwanee Fest is an amazing festival and it’s getting better every year.” – Ruta Panchal, Suwanee